Are you in search of some hands-on training and lessons to become a better photographer here in Mackay? If so, David and Cheryl can help. These lessons can help you overcome your personal barriers to achieve even better photographic results.

Camera Lesson for Beginners

One of Cherish Artz’ most popular training courses, the Camera Lesson for Beginners course is your go-to guide for learning all the essentials for your new passion. This hands-on lesson leaves you with all the basic tools you need to better understand how to take better photos.

You’ll learn all the following elements during your beginner camera lessons:

  • Best Techniques for Portrait and Landscape Photography
  • The Basics on Shutter Speed, Focal Length & Depth of Field
  • Clear and Simple Explanation of the ISO, Exposure & Light Settings on Your Camera
  • Techniques to Improve Your Photography “Wow” Factor for Your Audience

The two-hour course is limited to 3 people, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive direct help from an experienced professional. All you need to bring is your camera and manual to get started, so it’s perfect for a real beginner!

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