Where a passion for photography brings you a collection of photographic art so you can #loveyourspace

Award Winning Mackay Photographers – Cheryl Eagers and David Phillips

Trust Us.

Multiple Award Winning Photographers: David Phillips & Cheryl Eagers

Established in 2006

Our mission is to create an amazing collection of photographic art for your enjoyment.

The Bucket-list is a long one…..
but they are getting there…..

David Phillips and Cheryl Eagers area based in Mackay, Queensland. With a big-love for photography, they are very serious about producing high-quality works of photographic art to hang in your homes and your offices.

By actively keeping up-to-date with workshops and being inspired by new trends, David and Cheryl are always keen to try out new techniques in camera and in post processing.

It’s not all serious though, they both love life and a good laugh (mostly at themselves).

With an ever-expanding collection of works, be sure to follow the adventures on: